Every Day Is Earth Day

Committed to continual improvement, Pacific Metals is able to utilize new technologies, resources and training to achieve greater efficiency in its operations and processes. By maintaining high quality standards, Pacific Metals has been able to exceed the expectations of municipal, provincial and federal government regulations regarding waste reduction and pollution. Pacific Metals' ability to recycle and reuse scrap metals, glass plastic and paper makes every day Earth Day.

Environmental Policy - Think Locally, Act Globally

The Pacific Metals Environmental Policy Statement is the driving force behind Pacific Metals Environmental Management System (EMS), which encompasses all aspects of its business and ensure that it is regulated in accordance to pertaining legislation. Through this system, Pacific Metals has been able to find ways to reduce energy and water consumption because it diverts something that normally would go to a landfill and recycles the materials. This means that Pacific Metals is not digging up, cutting down or chemically creating new resources. This saves you money and energy and ultimately helps to make Pacific Metals a sustainable company. Pacific Metals helps the environment every day through applying these simple measures to everyday processes in its yard and office. The end result is good for the planet and your pocketbook as the advances save money. This translates into savings for you!

Pacific Metals Recycling International Environmental Policy Statement:

Pacific Metals Recycling International has grown over three generations to become acknowledged as a leader and professional in scrap metal trading and processing. We are committed to continual improvement as we utilize new technologies, resources and training to achieve efficiency in our operations and processes. Reducing waste and pollution, as well as maintaining high quality standards allows us to exceed expectations of municipal, provinical and federal goverment laws and regulations. By recycling and reusing scrap metals, glass, plastic and paper, Pacific Metals makes every day Earth Day.

We have continued to adhere to this philosophy over the past century and look forward to maintaining it well into the next century. Some things must never change.This is our commitment to you.